Of Pain and Sleepiness

Got home so tired from today's errands and activities. Went to the university to check on my documents and spent some time while waiting for the party to start, a 'rave' party to be exact. My friend Roma and I participated for like two minutes, got soaked by the rain, the foam and the water. I liked it, nonetheless.

I wish I took photos today. It's a shame I didn't. I liked that moment, jumping with the beat, getting wet and not caring about anything. Too bad other friends found it boring. I thought it was enjoyable though. *grins* Maybe it's just because it's my first time, but I don't think so. It's fun. But I hoped that the venue wasn't a field.

From all the walking and jumping, my legs began to ache by the time I got home. A usual thing for me when I'm tired. But it's gone now. And I'm happy.

I'm also glad to get to see my friends again. I'm gonna miss them, though. But we still got time to spend together. But yeah, today was a great day. Thank you Lord!



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