The Great National Book Store Warehouse Sale 2015 Haul

In one of my posts last month, I gave some tips on how to survive on The Great National Book Store Warehouse Sale in NBS Quezon Ave. Today, I know that this is very late but I'm gonna show you my loot from that event.

I actually wasn't able to fully utilize my scavenger skills unlike the past warehouse sales of different book stores because of the crowd and the heat, but I'm pretty happy because I got lucky with my purchases.

A Feast of Crows by George R. R. Martin
This is the highlight of my day, the last remaining hope for me because I almost fainted. Of course, Game of Thrones books would become scarce and whoever got their hands on one of the GoT books that day, were very lucky. This originally costs 325 pesos and I bought it for 30 pesos only. YAAAS.

The Reenactments by Nick Flynn
Before finding the GoT book, I've picked up this one. Flynn is a poet and memoirist. He is also the author of Some Ether, Another Bullshit Night in Suck City and Being Flynn. Hearing that he is a good author, I'm hoping that this one will be good for my taste. I'm really anticipating for good plot points and really excited to start reading this one.

Out of Sight, Out of Mind by Ally Carter
Ally Carter's Out of Sight, Out of Mind caught my attention because I have actually read the first four books from its series, called The Gallagher Girls. It's been years since this book was published and the price was cheaper than expected price (this was in the hardbound format) so I picked it up without second thoughts. I might give this to a friend, though.

Piece of Mind by Rob Reger, Jessica Gruner and Buzz Parker
Another book that caught me by surprise is A Piece of Mind from Emily the Strange series. I read the first three books when I was in my junior year in high school so it's been a long time. The series is actually good and interesting (as far as I can remember). I carted this immediately since it costs like, you know, 30 pesos!

The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner and The Twilight Saga: The Official Illustrated Guide by Stephanie Meyer
Yep. I bought these because I am curious if this series is really really really that bad. I mean, when I read the first two books with the mind of a twelve year-old, it wasn't that bad and that was seven years ago. I'll try to finish the series this time because I still haven't read Eclipse and Breaking Dawn. Wish me luck!

Beauty by Lauren Conrad and Ultimate Beauty Secrets by InStyle
Of course, I also bought some make-up books. These are way pricier than the novel ones if these weren't sold in a warehouse sale. I don't know why, but maybe it's because of the format and the type of print. Really not sure but I am very happy that I was able to get these stuff. I've actually bought Bobbi Brown Beauty Evolution: A Guide To A Lifetime of Beauty (in a past bargain sale event), which is also a great read too, if you are studying to become a make-up artist. These books are so helpful. I'm very glad I bought these.

The Crank Trilogy by Ellen Hopkins
The last set of books I've bought was these. Hopkins created these collections of poems which are supposed to tell a single story, if not, they are all connected at some point. That, for me, is very interesting. People were actually asking me where I got them while I was in the queue. Honestly, I just got really lucky because somebody left these books in the comics shelves and I took them when I passed by. Teehee.

There were books by Cecilia Ahern, Emily Griffin and Sophie Kinsella. I am really not into YA-Romance books so I left them. Other ones I saw were some J.K. Rowling's Casual Vacancy, The 39 Clues books and card packs, lots of Breaking Dawn by Stephanie Meyer, Tom Clancy and David Baldacci books and many more!

If you've missed the warehouse sale, I guess you didn't let the 36th Manila International Book Fair just go by. My upcoming posts will be about my loot from the said event and some new book reviews from my recent reads. Please anticipate!

Before I end this post, I would like to say that I'm very sorry for the lack of updates. I've been really busy with work and being sick. But I'll still make some if I can. That's it from me today, thank you for reading! I hope I'll see you around next time and have a nice day.

♥, Lix



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