The Sunday Currently Vol. 001

Long time no.. post. Sorry about that, if anyone reads this blog anyway. I've been very stuck with intrapersonal troubles and I was not my best self so I've figured that I will lay off a little and gather my thoughts before I go back to doing the things I love doing that requires much effort. Don't get me wrong, friends, family and readers, I am okay. It's just.. there were lots of things and changes that happened so fast that I had not enough time to psyche myself.

Anyway, now that I'm back, I would like to post a book review right away but I thought of just updating this blog with what I'm currently doing. The Sunday Currently is a weekly update of the things you are currently doing in your life, the past week, that day or that exact moment. It was started by Lauren of siddathornton and many people have been doing it since then. I've been wanting to do this for a long time now and actually came up with a name "Life Lately", but I think it's much better to join the number of people who's been doing this. It's like being part of a club. *smiles*

So, let's do this.


reading Percy Jackson's Greek Heroes by Rick Riordan. So far, I am loving this so much. I often read this book inside the train on my way to school. When I want to laugh out loud, I can't because people would get angry or judge me if I suddenly laugh in the train. My point is, this book is very funny! If you are a Percy Jackson fan or just a Greek mythology fan, you should definitely give this a chance. Also, read Percy Jackson and The Olympians, Heroes of Olympus and Percy Jackson's Greek Gods. Other works of Rick Riordan about Egyptian mythology (The Kane Chronicles) and the crossover books are great, too!

writing this blog post and the future ones. I'm that type of person who prepare things in order to be ready for the future (another reason: I'm lazy to write new post on the day I'll publish it on my blog, TSC is actually easy to write so.. yeah).

listening to Day6's Congratulations. I'm in love with this track. They're a newly debuted Korean band signed with JYP Entertainment. This song (or at least what I understood from the music video) is all about a man whose ex-girlfriend have a new boyfriend, days (or weeks) after their "cool-off". I can't relate much, but there's something about this song that makes me sad. I love it. Day6 is so talented! Jae and YoungK are very handsome, so are the rest of the members. *grins*

thinking about my future plans. I've been really stressed about this lately because honestly, I'm worried that I don't have an exact goal nowadays and that keeps me unmotivated with life. I don't even want to use my computer sometimes. I just want to lay down, sleep, stare at the ceiling or do nothing. My work (teaching English to a Korean student) just finished last Friday, so now I'm looking for another means of income. But I'm still on a break, I needed it.

smelling.. nothing. I am not in the mood to light any scented candle so.. yeah. Actually, scratch that. I am currently smelling the rain. There's a typhoon here in the Philippines. Keep safe, everyone!

wishing for more money. Lol. I want to do, to experience and to buy so many things and I can't do them without money. I actually have some from my work but hey, I think you all can relate with me one point or another. Although I can't do, can't experience and can't buy the things I would love to have, I'm still satisfied with what I have and I'm still happy. Yeah..

hoping that our original plans will push through, that my life is still on the right track, that I will be able to make decisions which will make me happy, and that everyone else around the world will be okay and happy.

wearing a black top with white grid from Penshoppe, right now. But these past few weeks, I've been wearing a lot of white button-downs paired with black skinny jeans. That outfit almost became my official uniform for work, lol.

loving Markiplier and his videos. I've started watching Markiplier's videos when Pewdiepie wasn't actually playing Five Nights At Freddie's enough for me to enjoy the game so I watched Markiplier's instead. Since then, although I've managed to get used to his (sometimes) very loud shouting and swearing, I've been watching and enjoying his videos.

wanting to clean my room. It's been weeks since the last time I've dusted my tables and cabinets. I also want to be productive this week. There's a typhoon so that means more time for me at home and more time for me to do my work.

needing more snacks. I tend to get hungry when I'm bored or something like that and I'm almost out of it, which is a crisis for me. Sometimes, I just drink water when I think I'm hungry (which is a great tip for people who are losing weight and are on a diet) but yeah sometimes I munch food. Hehe.

feeling uncomfortable but I'm getting better. Like I said earlier, I am not feeling motivated nowadays but ever since I finished my work, I'm not feeling like I'm responsible with anything and I'm much more.. free, I guess. I'm not feeling emotionally unstable and super sensitive anymore. That's good, yeah?

watching more TV shows. Other than Markiplier's let's play videos, I've been watching American Horror Story episodes to be able to catch up with the current season, which is okay since each season has its own storyline. Also, The Walking Dead Season 6 started last Monday and I must say, it's intense. I love it!

playing Kim Kardashian: Hollywood and The Walking Dead: Road To Survival. Judge me all you want, but other than being annoyed that I have to wait 'til my energy bars get full, I'm enjoying both games. They make me so competitive. In KKH, I have this rival, more like a hater, named Willow Pape (she is a NPC) and she keeps on hatin' on me that makes me motivated to play. Haha!

So that's it for my first The Sunday Currently post. The photo above is the sky taken from Rizal Park, Manila. I hope you guys will have a wonderful week ahead. Tell me what you're up to, and I'll see ya around next time. Thank you for reading and have a nice day. God bless!

♥, Lix



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