The Sunday Currently Vol. 002

Hello, hello! I've almost missed this week's The Sunday Currently post, but thankfully, I saw some updates on my Blogger feed and they reminded me that today is Sunday and I should make a TSC post and fast!

Before I forget, it's All Saint's Day today, everyone. It is the first day of November, what did you guys do last night? Halloween's one of my favorite holidays, so we invited some of our relatives to our house and we had a spooky and celebratory night. One of my uncles celebrated his birthday last night even though his birthday is today. It's really fun. We ate a lot of food and snacks.. We also watched horror movies like we always do when we spend time together. We wore costumes and I dressed up as Wednesday Addams, but I wore a maroon dress because I don't have a black one. *whispers* "Close enough".

Anyway, Christmas is just around the corner! I hope you all will have a nice and blessed days to go and let's start with the actual content. Hehe.


reading The Walking Dead comics. I should have read this years ago. If you've seen my recent updates on Goodreads, you'll know my sentiments about this one. So far, it's been a one hell of a rollercoaster ride. After I write this post, I'll probably go back to reading.

writing.. other than this post, I've actually been writing random quotes I got from the internet using my brush pens. I've been really loving hand lettering and calligraphy.

listening to the Life Is Strange OST. This game is incredible and so it's soundtracks. The songs have this indie feel with a mix of a tiny bit of country vibe because of the string instruments. Amazing songs, I tell ya. I'm itching to play the game but I won't until I'll have a better laptop (this one I'm using right now.. it's gonna die soon, I can feel it).

thinking of you. Ha! Jk. I'm actually not thinking of something lately, now that I've realized it. I'm just happy these past few weeks and nothing actually stressed me that much other than small things like my phone battery.. I'm happy and I'm now thinking of being happy for a long time.

wishing for happy and good memories. (I think the Life Is Strange songs are making me sentimental.)

hoping that I will be able to be productive this month and for the rest of the year. I want to work again, so I hope that I'll be able to find a job or commissions this week. Also I really hope that my current blog template/design don't have a problem regarding its layout, if you see some problems, like you can't view the icons properly or the images aren't doing its slideshow job, please tell me as soon as possible. I'll try to fix them if I can. Thanks!

wearing my favorite pair of pajamas. The weather is getting colder and I love it.

loving myself even more. I didn't really care about myself that much, so I told myself, "How about for this month, you'll take care of yourself better?" I plan on paying extra attention to my health: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. I should have started doing this back in my early teenage years, but it's never too late, right?

wanting to clean my room. I have to clean my room. I should do this. I might. Maybe next week? Okay, I'll do it later, I promise.

needing a ticket for Infinite Effect Live in Manila and GOT7's First Fanmeeting in Manila. I want to see Infinite again and I would like to see GOT7 because I missed my chance last year. I will be so heartbroken if I won't be able to get attend at least one of the said events because I missed a lot last year and this year.

feeling.. angry about my layout. I hope this works well on other servers or computers. I tried to contact the person(s) who made this layout and they aren't responding.

watching old Markiplier videos. I'm almost done with all of his videos. Pewdiepie is not doing long playthroughs of games anymore, but I hope he will start and finish some games, soon. Also, I've been watching random videos on my Facebook feed. Some of those are hilarious.

playing random games on Game Jolt and New Grounds. Add me: yopikai

Shorter than the last one, but I hope you all had a good time. Thank you for reading this post, you can go now and do something more productive than this. I'm hoping to see you around next time. Have a nice week ahead. 

♥, Lix



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