Boracay 2012

If I were to choose the most memorable trip so far in life, I won't be able to pick easily. I am a frustrated wanderer, you know.. I seldom travel because of school, life and other things that's keeping me inside the house or the school. Although I've been to the other parts of the Philippines, I don't travel that much. But, I am starting to become a travel enthusiast this year, starting with the nearby museums and such places. With that, I think I'll be able to pick one that is the most memorable for me.

So I picked the time when my family went to Boracay, one of the most famous places in the Philippines and it is also known to the world with its beautiful white sand beach. My family went there in 2012 and it's memorable to me because it's the first time for us to go there and just have a vacation. This will be a photo diary, but I'll put some bits of words randomly. :)

This one (above) is one of my favorite photos in my life. 

These airport photos are so artsy (at least for me).

Hello, Ma!

Quick break from all the travel.

The boat ride is refreshing but the way you get onto the boat is scary.
The color of the water wasn't that blue but I like how it turned out in the photos. 


Looking for a place to eat dinner. Dead tired from the 14-hour travel.

White sand. (Looks like flour, ha!)

Hello, Pa!

There were so many people. It wasn't summer or the holidays.

Tricycle ride.

The hotel.

We spent three days and two nights in Boracay but it was actually two nights and one-and-a-half day because of the long travel time. I want to go back though. It was a memorable experience for me and my family, indeed.

That's it for this post. Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed the photos I took. I'll see you around next time and have a nice day! 

♥, Lix



  1. i haven't been to boracay, but i hope to go there soon! love the photos as well.

    if you're interested in seeing more islands from the philippines, you should try el nido or coron (if you
    havent already!)

    1. Thank you very much! Boracay is truly a beautiful place and I wish to visit it again someday. I hope you'll enjoy its charm when you go there.

      I still haven't gone to Palawan and we've been meaning to go there for years now. But time, school and work restrict us. It's in my list though. Thank you for the recommendation! :)