The Sunday Currently Vol. 003

It's been a while since the last time I've posted a TSC entry. I've been having problems with my laptop and I've been busy with other personal stuff. This year, I've been so productive in different types of work, so I've been busy with various things. That's actually one of my resolutions and I'm getting as organized and productive as possible.

If you've noticed, I've slightly redesigned my layout last week. I've fixed some bugs and changed the main theme color to Rose Quartz, which is one of the Pantone Colors of the Year. I'm so in love with the color! Besides that, I've prepared book reviews and another feature, or rather, a "club" in my blog that will be published soon. I'm glad that today I can finally spare some time for this post. I'm finally getting better at blogging! (Yes?)

So, how have you been everyone?

I've never actually welcomed 2016 on this blog because I've been away for a while. How's 2016 so far? Me, as I've mentioned earlier, I've been very productive and organized with everything I do. Planners and diaries work well for me and I've been also addicted to stationery! I'm planning on making a studyblr when things go well in the future. But for now, I'll stick to this blog and post entries regularly.


reading I Am Number Four: The Lost Files: Rebel Allies. I should have read this before The Fate of Ten but finding a copy of this book was almost impossible! I'm almost done with the book though, there's only one companion story left. To see my progress, add me on Goodreads!

writing some random lists on my notebooks. I love lists and the latest one I've been working on is about computer specs. I'm planning on buying a new one, if parents and finance accept this proposal. I've also been revamping my virtual lists. See them on my Listography account.

listening to my Pentatonix playlist on Spotify. Pentatonix is so good. My current jams on the playlist is Love Again, which is one of their original tracks, Daft Punk and Where Are Ü Now covers.

thinking of what photo I'm gonna use for this post. I haven't been capturing photographs nowadays, which is also one of the reasons why this blog doesn't have much content. But I've prepared stuff this week!

wishing for a miracle that someone will donate money for me to buy a new laptop. And wishing for this laptop to survive until I get a new one.

hoping that I'll be able to find a new job this month or any income generating thing.

wearing my Adidas shirt and my high school PE uniform jogging pants-turned-shorts. :))

loving STATIONERY! I've always been a stationery addict but this time, it's extreme. It started when I saw some cute Korean diaries on Pinterest and my love for stationery evolved. Like really. There were times that when I wake up, instead of checking my e-mail inbox or Twitter, I'll browse through the stationery tags on Pinterest or Tumblr. It's almost crazy! It kinda died down when I shopped at Muji for notebooks and pens and when I got my Korean stickers order from Bee Happy (I got my order within 15 hours)!

wanting to start watching any TV series. I'm planning on stating One Punch Man or Making A Murderer. What do you suggest I should go first?

needing inspiration and determination on creating my creative CV and portfolio. I should probably do this as soon as possible. *sighs* I have lots of things I want to do!

feeling satisfied with life actually. I'm happy with everything I have and I do, except for the times when my PC crashes and when it's not detecting wifi. Very, very, very frustrating!

watching JackSepticEye's videos! I'm almost done with him and when I run out of videos to watch from his channel, I don't know what to do! I think I might catch up on Cry's videos.

playing Neko Atsume: Kitty Collector! It's so easy to play and the kitties are all so cute!

clicking through The Sunday Currently link-up by siddathornton. I'm curious about what other people are currently up to. Join us if you haven't yet.

♥, Lix

Casa Manila, Intramuros (2015)
Taken using an iPhone 4s camera.



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