The Sunday Currently Vol. 004

It's 11:33 right now and I'm cramming this entry because I don't want to miss another The Sunday Currently post. It's my fault since I was supposed to take a nap but it turned out to be a three-hour sleep. It was nice to get some zzz's though.

This past week has been sort of a bore, I was just tweaking my layout into a new design. I know that I've just changed my theme last two weeks but that's me, I get easily tired of what I see visually. That's why I rearrange my stuff every week. Anyway, I'm hoping that this week will be much more hectic than me just being inside my room all day and surf the internet until I get to its darkest place. Today was fun though.


reading Tricia Gosingtian's post about her boyfriend, now fiancé, RG Gabunada's, marriage proposal. I've been TG's fan since her deviantArt days and her post made me feel that a lot of time have passed since the first time I've stumbled upon her DA account back then. While reading, I was feeling giddy like I'm the one who wrote the entry. Congratulations to the couple!

writing this post on a time limit! It's almost 12 am! Gotta go fast.

listening to Beauty Behind Madness album by The Weeknd. It's been my album-to-go when I'm feeling trippy, dance-y, mature-y and happy. Every mood suits this album and it's just so good. My favorites from the album are Can't Feel My Face (of course), The Hills, In The Night and Prisoner. Also, Dark Times is good, too!

thinking about my plans for this incoming week. I have lots of things to do and I'm excited. Also, I might be posting daily in the blog since I have to commit to my newly made monthly post quota.

wishing for my laptop to hang in there until I get a new one. My birthday month is just around the corner and I really wish that I'll be able to make this laptop retire. But I'm still having doubts because I still love this computer and it's still working. We'll see.

hoping that I'll be able to make more beauty related posts. It's been months. Fingers crossed.

wearing my favorite lip products. Etude House Soft Touch Auto Lip Liner in #04 Real Rose, partnered with NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in #10 Monte Carlo. I should really remove my make-up now. I will, after this post.

loving a new fashion style, the Boho/Gypsy. One night, I was browsing through Pinterest and I've stumbled upon the category and I fell in love all of the sudden. It wasn't the first time for me to see this certain style but I never liked it the way I did back then. It felt like it was an enlightenment. And from the on, I changed my personal style to Modern Boho Chic, which is a mix of modern, edgy, minimalist look with a boho feel. (Boho is a short term for Bohemian)

wanting to get into series binge-watching before the month ends! I haven't finished any TV series yet so my list is pretty empty in that category. Cramming that before February kicks in.

needing more stone pendant necklaces and kimonos. My closet is almost full of blacks, grays, and whites so I think it's time for me to own more boho printed clothes.

feeling happy. Other than a new laptop, new phone and faster processing of our papers (personal stuff, sorry), I'm feeling very satisfied with my life and I'm happy it.

watching Dodger and Sam's Until Dawn playthrough. I love this couple so much because they're so cute, mushy, but also mature. I've been a fan for a while now and I was really surprised that they're already engaged because I didn't know any sooner. I'm happy for this couple, too!

playing Tap Tycoon. It's a clicker game, but since it's an app, you'll have to tap. I'm very addicted to this game, like what Bitcoin Billionaire and Adventure Capitalist did to me in the past. This seemed to be more interesting than the two ones I've played before since I have to "send soldiers to war" to increase the multiplier. I don't know why I like these types of games but if you want to experience it yourself, you can download the app here for iOS and here for Android.

clicking through my Pinterest dashboard and boards. I love the website so much because I get to discover lots of things and it's a great place to find and collect inspiration from design to style. Add me on Pinterest!

crying (not literally) because of Exo'luxion in Manila. You can't even imagine how big EXO fan I am. I shed tears and blood for them for the past years and until now, even if I'm laying low on being a Kpop fan because of several reasons, I still love them. I'm devastated that I didn't attend one of the two shows last night and earlier tonight. What kind of EXO-L am I? I thinking that it's okay, as I constantly remind myself that because I saw them live and complete back in 2012 for the Dream Kpop Fantasy Concert. So it's okay, right? I shall see them in the future, yes.

starting a new blog series this week and it's all about films! Excited!

♥, Lix

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