The Sunday Currently Vol. 005

With another post to cram before the day ends, here I am typing and thinking of what to say. I'm really sorry if this post gets a little bit crazy or it might not make any sense at all because I'm super tired since yesterday's events, my body hurts and I'm so sleepy. I didn't get much sleep because of today's early call to church service and my cousin crashed into my bed (I also watch Pewdiepie play Undertale so I guess that's what kept me up).

Let's get to the main part.


reading Marzia Bisognin's blog! Marzia, also known as CutiePieMarzia is a YouTuber who I really adore. She's cute, funny, stylish, and we share the same interests from creepy stuff to books. I've been waiting for her to make some digital writing since she wrote a book. I'm just super excited to see more from her and her adventures. 

writing this post as fast as I can. Like the last one, I should be able to post this before 12 o'clock. Cinderella, much?

listening to 4 Walls by f(x) in my mind. I just can't get enough of this song since it's release. I love f(x) and I'm very happy that their career is blossoming more than it already has. I want to attend their first solo concert in Seoul but I guess I'll have to wait. Someday girls, someday!

thinking about my plans for my birthday. It's still pretty far from now but I really want to do so much on my special day. I'm that person who like to celebrate birthdays with surprises and what not but this year, as I turn 20, I just want to like step up to the next age of my life, knowing that I'm no longer a teen and I'm hoping that I could get to cross out some of my bucket list items. 

wishing for my Papa to remember all of the things that happened on his birthday, yesterday. I wish for him to be happy always, to have good health in every aspects of life and I wish for him to not feel stressed. I'm happy that he's happy because of our mini surprise. I'm so glad that even though there were some minor problems, the day went well. #yay

hoping that I'll be able to be more productive this month. Forget about the laziness and start doing something, enhance my skills and just finish what I've started, whatever they may be.

wearing my Lime Crime Velvetines in Wicked as the final coat for my lips. It's my new favorite lip color and also, with the help of my fave, Etude House Soft Touch Auto Lip Liner in #004 Real Rose.. which reminds me to restock because I'm almost out!

drinking Starbucks Iced White Chocolate Mocha. Not bragging or anything, just sharing. I've literally ran to the nearest Starbucks shop because I've found out that my coupons expire today. I gave one to my aunt and I bought one today. Happy kid here!

loving my newly found fashion style. As I've said in my last post, I've changed my style to Modern Boho and today I wore this "kimono" shawl and I liked it. I also tried Tricia Gosingtian's signature hairstyle and it totally matches my outfit. Too bad I just stayed at home after the service and the coffee run but I guess my Snapchat friends saw my look. *runs away in shame*

wanting to start another series! I've finished the first season of Sense8 and it was.. okay. I didn't get hooked but it was interesting enough for me to finish it in one day. I'm planning on starting Making A Murderer this week because I failed to watch it yesterday with my cousins. 

needing... nothing. As of right now, I'm perfectly happy with what I have and I feel so blessed because my laptop isn't getting all bonkers when I'm using it for hours. Thank you Lord for everything! 

feeling happy, satisfied and grateful. :-)

watching JackSepticEye's 9th Papers, Please video. I've finish this game awhile ago and I'm actually excited for Jack to get an ending. I've been liking Jack's videos a lot more lately and I hope the best for him. He's a great guy, funny and kind! Check out his videos and subscribe! :)

playing.. nothing new. I wish I can play and finish a game in a week but I was busy last week that I couldn't even achieve my weekly blog post quota. I'll grind this month and I hope that I'll be able to find and finish at least five games this week. It may be flash games or indie. Fingers crossed on this one.

clicking through different Snapchat stories. I've realized that more people are using the app and I'm actually not sure how to feel about it. 

starting to paint again! I've painted when I was a kid and I've loved doing it. Art has been a part of me that never got buried and now that I have the time and the right materials, I can paint again. Back to being a beginner, I'm currently studying brush lettering but I've done some practice illustrations. When I get better at this, I'll post some of my works here. Hopefully!

Thank you for reading this post. Tell me what you're doing in the comments down below. I hope I'll see you around next time. Have a nice day.

♥, Lix



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