The Sunday Currently Vol. 006

Before I start watching films and television shows, I will quickly update my blog for today's The Sunday Currently entry. I've been very productive this past week and I want to continue that productivity vibe, so here we go.


reading my old Listography lists. I feel like it's really cool to have these lists to be able to refresh some old memories. I've been doing this since last night because I was thinking of reformatting everything but I ended up reminiscing, which is nice.

writing the things I bought today for my class. Now that I've realized this, I think that I love doing inventory counts. Maybe I really like to be an accountant.. maybe.

listening to various saved playlists I have on my Spotify account. Add me: toovixen

thinking about what I did this past week. My productivity level is getting higher. I should probably find some freelance work online now that I'm feeling very industrious. Wish me luck.

wishing for life satisfaction and happiness. I'm satisfied and happy, it's just that I'll continue to feel this way forever. :-) #drama

hoping that I'll be able to achieve my goals this month and for the rest of the year.

wearing royal blue JPIA shirt and my MSHS PE uniform pants. True blue, haha!

drinking water. Water therapy!

loving my newly found hairstyle! I think that from now on, this bun x down style will be my trademark (not really) style. I love it and I might feature it on my blog soon! #yay

wanting sponsors to buy school supplies and stuff for our Sunday School class. We need lots of things like, an electric fan, scissors, water color palettes and brushes, popsicle sticks and other kiddie craft stuff. It will defintely help our class and activities. So I wish that there are people who will donate. (Paging my parents? lol)

needing still nothing. You know, I'm grateful with everything and even though I want to change my gadgets because I think they'll explode any minute, I'm satisfied with what I have. I need sleep though. Hehe.

feeling very sleepy right now.

watching my cousin, John Rical, play Papers, Please. He already got 2 endings, (3 & 4) and he's determined to finish the (31 days in the) game.

playing, or rather, have played Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney. I've found a website that hosts Phoenix Wright games and I forgot what arc it was. Oh well. But as I've said earlier, we've currently playing Papers, Please.

♥, Lix



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