The Sunday Currently Vol. 008

It's 3 in the morning and I'm doing this post. I haven't slept yet and I need to wake up early because of the church service. After this post, I swear, I'll sleep. *winks*

How's your week, guys? Me, I've been just chillin', doing random stuff and not doing what I'm supposed to do. Great. The start of last week was a wreck and I hope this incoming week will be a good one. Tomorrow, #CTT will start and honestly, I'm not fully prepared yet right now, but I will make sure that everything's good when I start it. Sorry for the lack of posts though, I've been in the creative block and I've just spent time sleeping or wandering off the internet.

Anyways, let's talk about what I'm currently doing..


reading One Punch Man (redrawn version). Truth be told, I'm cramming this thing because I want to be productive in the reading department. My list of books, manga and comics read are sad to look at due to the fact that I haven't been doing a lot of reading. I know, I said I will finish lots his February. I ask myself too, "What's wrong with you?". Anyway, I promise this March, I'll update my lists and make progress on my 2016 Reading Challenge.

writing this post as fast as I can so that I can sleep. I don't want to cram later so.. yeah.

listening to The Chainsmokers. I really love their EDM with a bit of indie style because I love both. It's amazing how you can mash-up two different music styles. I love them! My favorites are Roses, Until You Were Gone and Don't Let Me Down. Listen to them if you want to rave. Yes.

Update: I forgot about this and fell asleep. It's now six in the evening and it's time to finish this!

thinking of you, again. I actually had a hard time to fall asleep earlier because of you. I kept on wondering, did you like me? But as selfish as it sounds, I just want to know. For the sake of knowing that someone likes me. All of my feelings for you are in the past, just to be clear, but I want to know. (Update as of 10:11 PM: I guess he doesn't.)

wishing for good health. I really should worry about my health more often. :(

hoping that I get to move out soon. I kinda feel uncomfortable in this room, in this house.

wearing my glasses that went missing for hours. I needed my glasses to find them. With the help of my precious mother, I finally found them. This life of mine is very ah, very convenient.

wanting to buy a new phone. My phone right now sucks, as well as my laptop but they're still working. I'm stuck with just searching online for pretty pictures of iPhones and Macbooks. Someday, someday. (My birthday is just around the corner, though. Hehehe lol)

needing a new pair of prescription glasses. This one I'm wearing right now is actually taped up because it's kinda broken and I don't know if it's just my face but it's not in the right shape. Yep, I need to buy a new pair. Ugh, eye sight problems. :(

loving my new desktop "look".

watching American Crime Story. It's actually good! Sarah Paulson is the bomb, I love her so much ever since the first season of American Horror Story. Highly recommended to watch!

playing Kendall & Kylie game. You have no idea how much I got addicted with Kim Kardashian: Hollywood game because of that NPC named Willow Pape. She's so.. annoying that I want to crush her in every way I can in KKH but my mother accidentally reformated our tablet so I lost my save file. Kendall & Kylie is actually cute but the antagonist, whatever her name is, isn't as annoying as the Pape. I kinda like because of the improvements of the game from KKH but I also don't like it because it's not as user-friendly as it should be. And can't I play it in landscape mode? I don't feel comfortable playing it in portrait.

cleaning my room because I want to put a chair in front of my table because I don't want to sit on the bed, extending my body (yep? yep.) just to reach to the table. It's not that far but it affects my bad back.

wondering what happened to Lauren's (siddathornton) blog. I miss reading her posts. She's also the one who started this blog series. (Thank you!)

That's it for today's The Sunday Currently entry. I'm off to finish cleaning my room and then prepare for tomorrow because it's finally the start of #CountdownToTwenty. Expect a daily post from me, :-) Thank you for reading and I'll be back tomorrow! See ya around, alright?

Enjoy the rest of your day. God bless!

♥, Lix



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